Winners of the International Crescendo
Piano Competition. Carnegie Hall, 2018

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Local, National & International
Piano Competitions. New York, 2018

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Summer Recital 2017

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Concert Hall

With the continued growth and expansion of Amadeus Music Academy, we had the wonderful opportunity to develop our facilities to more than just teaching music. While this remains the core of our foundation and ethos, we created a place where our students, parents, and teachers can expand their skills and education beyond the classrooms.


With this in mind, we renovated our school to include a comfortable yet luxury concert hall in West Vancouver, equipped with a concert grand Yamaha piano on an elevated stage, lighting features with dimming technology, frame TV for slideshows and videos, large mirrored wall, and high-quality foam seating chairs for 50 audience members.

Concert Hall - West Vancouver
Concert Hall - Amadeus Music Academy

We envision this to be an inclusive space for continued learning and development, both for our personal industry connections and others in the Vancouver community.


This includes facilitating master classes, specialized meetings, rehearsals, auditions, piano competitions, and small-scale North Shore concerts.