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Piano Competition. Carnegie Hall, 2018

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Piano Competitions. New York, 2018

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Summer Recital 2017

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Amadeus Music Academy was established in London, UK, in 1999, later evolving in Canada in 2005, providing piano and violin lessons to the West Vancouver community.


Founder and piano teacher Nick Sergienko completed his Bachelors degree in 1986 and Masters Degree in piano performance and pedagogy in 1992 at the Russian State Conservatory. Prior to moving to London and opening Amadeus Music Academy in West Vancouver, Nick’s main work of more than 10 years consisted of concerts in Germany, Austria, France and other European countries, both as a soloist and as part of an orchestra.


His incredible love for music compelled him to share his deep knowledge and vast experiences with his students. Nick emphasizes a focus on the Russian piano technique, taught to him by professor Jania Aubakirova, student of world-famous pianists and teachers Lev Vlassenko and Mikhail Pletnev from Moscow State Conservatory, winner of the prestigious Tchaikovsky Piano Competition.


Amadeus Music Academy is, therefore, committed to generating a great love for art and professionalism in all our students. Our piano and violin teachers work very hard to ensure musical training, lessons, concerts, and services meet the highest possible standard of excellence.

Piano lessons - North Vancouver | Violin lessons - West Vancouver

Nick Sergienko

Owner of Amadeus Music Academy
Director & Head Teacher